by Karl Gerber

After thirty years, and a good number of lapsed statutes of limitation, the story of the pioneers of cyberspace is finally available in e-Book.

In the days before the internet, the Lemur Brothers ruled the electronic airwaves with their multi-user BBS the Speak Easy. MODEM STUD follows their careers as programmers, pirates, phone phreakers, sysops, and the original cyber bullies.

After second grade Lemur Jr.’s school attendance was spotty. By age eleven he could program in a variety of languages and krack any ware. His older brother, Captain Lemur Eyes was the front man of the operation. He created complex piracy networks that involved trade embargos, ass-kickings, and the hacking of competitors’ systems. Once the brothers’ bulletin board system dominated the Los Angeles airwaves, Captain Lemur Eyes became the internet’s first addictive content writer and super salesman.

MODEM STUD, the coming of age story of two eccentric geniuses and the microcomputer age.

Travel back in time to the age of the double density floppy drive. Read about software piracy at 1200 baud, half-duplex. Learn about the original generation of home computer users.

Author, Karl Gerber, ended his computing career in 1987 to become a nationally recognized labor lawyer. Lemur Jr. went on to create computational models used to understand the role of the microbiota in human diseases. Their father, the benefactor of much of their hardware, is a five decade veteran of the computer industry.