Phone Phreakers

On RBBS, a system easy to get through to, CXCX posted a message that gave notice the Wasted would do a heist at the Glen-Aire School’s Computer Lab. The post failed to impress Captain Lemur Eyes.

“You can’t post you are going to do a heist,” Captain Lemur Eyes told CXCX.


“I thought you were the leader. By the way, how are you going to get so many computers away from the campus?”

“Easy. We’re renting a U-Haul.”

“You aren’t old enough to drive.”

“I have a learner’s permit.”

“You can’t rent a U-Haul with a learner’s permit.”

“The Green Manaleshi is sixteen.”

“Hold on while I scramble this call,” Captain Lemur Eyes said. “Better yet, I will call you back on a phreaked MCI Code.”

To call CXCX back, Captain Lemur Eyes used a phreaked MCI Code he found on a San Francisco BBS post. A scrambler traveled through his APPLE-CAT II.

“Can I get some of the heisted machines?” Captain Lemur Eyes asked.

“Why do you sound so weird?”

“Haven’t you heard a scrambler before?”